About CDG Real Estate Inc.

CDG Real Estate Inc. is an evaluation agency based in Laval for over 10 years, serving the greater Montreal region, the Laurentians and Lanaudière firm. Carlo Di Guglielmo, a certified appraiser, holds a Bachelor in Business Administration, specializing in Property Management, is the president of the firm. Through the years, he has built the trust of many financial institutions that use its services.

We are able to meet the specific needs of a broad customer base in commercial residential areas, industrial and agricultural. Our approach is based on the systematic review of the market in order to obtain objective and reliable conclusions. As approved evaluators, we are the only recognized professionals in the field of property valuation. We are therefore able to offer a service that can combine expertise in the evaluation and selling of properties.

Member of l’ordre des évaluateurs Agréé since 2005

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