Real Estate evaluation

As Chartered Appraiser , we are able to assess the market value of the following properties:

  • Residential: Any single-family or multifamily residence not used for commercial purposes.
  • Commercial: Commercial centers, office towers, buildings including residential and commercial mixed use.
  • Industrial: Warehouse, industrial loft, industrial condominiums.
  • Vacant Land: Residential, commercial and industrial

The Chartered Appraiser will get you the fair value for the purposes of:

• Market value (purchase and sale)
• Mortgage Financing
• Divorce
• Inheritance
• Capital gain
• Feasibility Study
• Value before and after renovations
• Insurance

Real estate appraisal service

When we receive the mandate to evaluate the property , our job is first to go up on the property in question and make our physical site visit. We check the dimensions of the house and land, the status of the property, renovations, income and expenses in the case of a multifamily building, commercial or industrial. From the information gathered, we set the value of the property based on its location, the area of land, building size, age, condition, income (if applicable) etc. Finally we produce a detailed written report based on customer needs.

The appraiser must research data on the market comparable sales and other data to determine the value according to the applicable valuation methods, such as:

• Cost Method
• Comparison Method
• Method of income (if applicable)

If you have questions or you wish to request a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.